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The Club

Girls' Angle is back meeting in person!

Download the Club Enrollment form.

The club is where our in-person math instruction happens. At the club, members interact with each other, the mentors, and the women in our Support Network. You can entrust your daughter's entire pre-college math education to Girls' Angle. We can handle all levels of ability, from those mastering basic mathematical skills to those who wish to engage in mathematical research.

Our mentors are women who love math, possess a deep understanding of mathematics, enjoy explaining math to others, and are committed to helping members grow in mathematical understanding and ability. Mentors maintain a fun, friendly, welcoming environment conducive to learning. They get to know each member as an individual, motivate an interest in mathematics, then facilitate the study of mathematics. At every meet, at least one mentor is present who has a doctoral degree in mathematics.

Our Support Network consists of professional women who use math in their work and desire to show members how they use mathematics. Each member of the Support Network provides yet another reason to study mathematics. Past visitors include Prof. Sara Seager of MIT's Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Prof. Karen Willcox, of MIT's Aeronautics and Astronautics Department, Prof. Gigliola Staffilani of MIT's Math Dept., Prof. Meike Akveld of ETH Zurich, Prof. Lenore Cowen of Tuft University's Computer Science Department, and over 3 dozen other professional women.

At any given meet, all different kinds of mathematical activity will be going on covering all different types of mathematics. Girls can work alone or in groups. At Girls' Angle we take a very individualized approach to math education. Each girls travels her own path through the world of math.

Traditionally, each semester culminates in one of our signature Math Collaborations.

How to gain access to the club

To access the club, download the Club Enrollment form, print it and fill it out, and send it back to us.

Currently, all girls roughly in grades 5-12 are invited to join the club.

Please use this PayPal button to pay for memberships and club fees.


  • Membership: $50
  • Club Fee - Member Rate: $20/meet
  • Club Fee - Nonmember Rate: $30/meet
  • Members may take a 10% discount if paying for a semester's worth of meets in advance.

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