Girls' Angle Community Outreach

Girls' Angle welcomes commissions to solve math problems from individuals or organizations.

For example if you are an ice skating rink manager and would like to know how many times around your rink is equivalent to a mile, please ask us. Or if you would like a tiling of mathematical nature, let us know!

For an actual example, see page 10 of Volume 4, Number 4 of the Girls' Angle Bulletin where you can read about how our members helped a group in Rochester, New York to design an efficient seating chart for a Euchre tournament.

If the problem is appropriate, we'll have our club members solve the problem.

In return, we request that you give our girls credit. For example, with the skating rink example, perhaps the manager would put in an information sheet, "Did you know that 10 laps around the rink is equivalent to a mile? This fact courtesy of Girls' Angle, a math club for girls."

If you're interested in commissioning us, feel free to contact us!

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