The Girls' Angle Support Network

Our Support Network consists of professional women who use math in their work and want to show the members how and for what they use mathematics.

These women serve as role models for the members and demonstrate that there are many women who use mathematics to make interesting and important contributions to society. Each one of these women provides members with another compelling reason to study mathematics.

Over twenty women have visited Girls' Angle from various professions including Dr. Karen Willcox, associate professor of astronautics and aeronautics at MIT, Dr. Elissa Ozanne, senior research scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital, Tanya Khovanova, a visiting scholar at MIT, Jane Kostick, a carpenter, and Dr. Cynthia Rudin, assistant professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Women in the Support Network have given interactive presentations at Girls' Angle on topics as diverse as designing airplanes, developing decision models for breast cancer treatment and prevention, baking better chocolate chip cookies, and maneuvering in outer space.

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