Girl's Angle Services

We offer a number of services.

Math Collaborations

A Girls' Angle signature event concept, the Math Collaboration is a fully collaborative, mathematically intense, fun, friendship encouraging, leadership building, empowering event for groups of all sizes, ages, and abilities.


SUMIT is a large Math Collaboration hosted in conjunction with MIT's Undergraduate Society of Women in Math.


We offer special courses on various topics in mathematics.

Community Outreach

Do you have a math problem you need solved? Commission the girls of Girls' Angle to solve it for you!

Free Book Program

Can't afford an interesting math book? We might be able to help.

Content Production

We create custom math educational content.

We design activities, instructional texts, problem sets, and articles on any math topic. We specialize in creating fun, rewarding mathematical experiences for students. We can gear the content to any level and any age. (If we think that the desired content is not age appropriate, we will inform you.)

Here are some examples of what we can create for you:

  • Math puzzles such as secret codes for students or individuals.
  • Exercises that enable students to hone their math skills.
  • Problem sets that lead a student step by step through challenging mathematics.
  • Brain teasers to suit a particular occasion or topic. (You might be surprised at how effective math problems can be at breaking the ice at a party.)
  • Instructional or expository articles on any math topic.
  • Games that enable students to explore and understand mathematics.
  • Activities for groups or individuals that explore mathematical topics.

Whether you are a homeschooler, an educator, a camp director, a parent, or anyone who wishes to find a fun, new, interesting way to convey mathematics, we can help. Our products are vetted by mathematicians (who hold doctoral degress in mathematics) so that you can be sure that our work is mathematically sound.

Contact us with your content needs and put "content request" in the subject line. We will respond with a quote.

Content Checking

We can vet mathematical content. For example, if you suspect a textbook is in error but are not sure, we can give you our expert opinion.

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