Why the Print Version?

The Girls' Angle Bulletin began as an electronic document.

We discovered, however, that our members were much more likely to read the Bulletin with a printed copy in their hands. That's why we began printing it in October of 2009.

In addition to interviews with women in mathematics, articles about math and its applications, fun and challenging math problems, ideas for math learning activities, and more, the print version is printed with high quality graphics and occasionally contains more content than the electronic version. For example, the print version of volume 3, number 3 contained the perspective drawing of a spiral staircase shown at left to illustrate proper perspective drawing.

The print version is also ad-free.

Also, when you subscribe to the Bulletin, you are also gaining email access to our mentors. We will answer your questions about anything in the Bulletin and offer constructive comments for any solutions to math problems in the Bulletin. We also carefully heed content suggestions made by subscribers. Already much of the Bulletin content meets the requests or needs of our current subscribers and members.

Help us establish the only math journal written by mathematicians that targets girls in middle and high school. Subscribe today! And remember...if it's good for girls, it's good for boys too!

Check out this Girls' Angle blog post about the Bulletin.

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